As I continued on my creative writing journey, I dove into bringing those stories to life by developing characters. It was such a blast creating character designs for my own fictional piece. The story unfolds in an intergalactic setting, where a freedom movement ignites after a jailer helps an innocent escape and joins their revolution. This act inspires others to follow suit and do what's right. It's a mix of fantasy, loss, drama, and adventure, woven into a romantic sci-fi tale between Anastasia and Charlize.
Anastasia, or Anta-178
Anastasia, is the formidable head of the army for the ruthless Frohk king. Renowned for her strategic brilliance and unwavering loyalty, she has enforced the monarchy’s oppressive regime with an iron fist. However, meeting Charlize changes everything. Her love for Charlize softens her hardened heart, leading her to help Charlize escape and start a rebellion to save her home planet. Anastasia's deep knowledge of the king’s strategies becomes crucial to the revolution, transforming her from a feared enforcer into a symbol of hope and redemption.
Dr. Charlize
Dr. Charlize, a former military doctor, was sent on a three-year expedition to explore the galaxies using her planet's advanced technology. On the journey back, her spaceship is attacked by the Frohks, leaving her as the sole survivor. Captured by Anta-178, Charlize forms an unexpected friendship with the army head. This bond grows stronger, leading Anta-178 to help Charlize escape and start a rebellion. As they fight together, Charlize rekindles Anta-178's humanity by calling her by her real name, sparking a romance between them.
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