An animated journey through what goes on in my head on a daily basis. 

It is a very imaginative and crazy brain, so trust me when see I really do think about all these things.
When I wake up at 4am, in London city and drink my tea in the silence, I do feel like I am not in the hustle bustle of the crowd and race, but in the meadows of Windermere, its quite serene. I miss the Indian alphonso mango, so I inevitably daydream about the next time I will be able to enjoy one. I get icked out by the nose diggers I see on the tube, and the occasional fly thats on the tube with us. I dream vivid dreams of being Indiana Jones myself and fighting off aliens, but reality checks in and I am forced to do nothing but only animate my dreams. 

May the fourth be with us all.


Adventure comes in vivid ways, as there is never a dull one in the unplugged summer holidays of these hyper imaginative cousins. The annual month long gathering of the cousins during the summer holidays is never complete without every single one of them present. When they get together it's always a long, long day of fun.

The whole world was black and white, but we were in screaming colours. The initiation, involvement of other members of the family that would disrupt the game, but we would dismiss that.  The escapes, the improv, the unity.  The game always ends in reality, in the real world, but ours never ends, it’s always with us, even now.

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