Hello There!!

I chose my hobby as my career, now I have no hobby… only work. Not that I am complaining.

I am an aspiring designer and an artist. I sing (in the shower). I vibe with myself because I love me time. I like to cook, can’t promise if others will like to eat it. I like to experiment with fashion and I love
to cosplay.

Comic books have always been my prime passion. Creating A-STHEER has been of the great joy to me. I have tried to make characters as Indian and as diverse as possible. This books should help normalise indian daily wear among the youth. 
With my other book, "To you, From me" I have explored the genre of Sci-fi through historical and romantic lenses.

My favourite social media platform is Tumblr. Why you ask? Let me tell you why, I get to write fanfic, read a lot more of them; I get to see my all time favourite author, JOHN GREEN, prank his fans and pull a sneak attack on posts he has no reason being on; I get to discuss fan theories of LOTR, Star Wars, MCU, DCU, Star Trek, Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor who, B99, Hobbit, Locke and Key, The Umbrella Academy and a 143612538 more fandoms.

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