Sudeeksha here,

Hello there

I'm an illustrator and animator too! It's such a wonderful field to be a part of, isn't it? I love bringing stories and characters to life through my artwork. If you ever want to chat about illustration or animation, I'm all ears!

My work is always based off of the thing is see everyday, it could be the lady I saw on tube, or a song I heard or a movie I watched (and then rewatched 1000 times). I have developed my illustrations, one step at a time from 2018 to where it reached in 2022, and I have since continued that style of art with me. Come 2023 I have been trying to push myself to use the same style in animation too, but good lord is it hard, so I have been simultaneously trying new art styles.

I love singing and playing instruments too, it's such a wonderful way to express oneself. I am passionate about reading fiction, always a great way to dive into different worlds and stories. Being from a background in pure Science I still harbour some interest in mathematics.

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