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To you, From me

Charlise an ex-military turned scientist on an expedition to explore and establish communication with other planets. The voyage is going well until an unforeseen event takes place and generates havoc on the ship leading to a disappearance of all her fellow cremates. Surviving in the abandoned ship she finally finds herself a rescue after two years or isolation. Because she is of a crooked fate, she is taken as a prisoner by her rescuer only to find out that her entire planet in under their reign now. That’s where she meets Anta178 a commander and leader from the new ruling federation. They keep exploring their relation as foes, allies and friends. In this extreme dictatorship and being a worker of the dictating party these to find a way to rebel and help others.


A project about breaking the bars of clothing stereotypes with respect to desi poshaakh.

The youth of India doesn’t prefer wearing ethnic clothing as it is “uncool” and tagged as “behenji”. The term “behenji” is derogatory in itself, as bullying someone on the basis of their choices and categorising an age to it is unfair. I conducted a research through google forms and asked people to play a dress up game, so that my objective remains discreet and I get genuine replies. 

I compiled my research with age group, gender and preferences as it would make inferring data easy.Graphical information is easiest to spread a message and superheroes are usually role models, hence people tend to follow their life style.It has the mysterious origins of our all time favourite superhero moments but also conveys a positive message about ethnic clothing without being too preachy. The superheroes wear traditional Indian clothing instead of spandex or metal suits.  The characters are Indian and having a regular university education. So they are relatable to most of the youth.
They are of multiple ethnicities.

Kids' Book

The customisations come in place where the animals in the book are made to looks like the family members of the protagonist child in the book. The child, hence, learns about the relations in their family and animals and their sounds and shelters, especially targeted for kids who stay in nuclear families and the parents want them to be closer to their families.

Illustrated book on Ostracism

The book talks about what self ostracism is and how can one identify it in initial stages. It further explains ways to get over it (only if its acute) and teaches a bit of self love to
boost confidence.

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