Faces on Facetime


This is a collection of the most loved people in my life and how they appear to me on FaceTime



Quarntarot was a series of illustrations made as a part of my independent project at my internship with an illustrator based in Pune, Sayali Damale.
Under her mentorship, I was assigned the task to articulate my days in the several month of the quarantine. I had a pretty jolly time at home all those months with my family and that's what I have tried to portray through my tarot cards.

Tarot cards have self explanatory titles, hence I used the format to convey more through less words.

A good watch


I have developed a habit of illustrating core memories, and sometimes these memories come in the form of a good book, a song, a play or a movie. I am grateful to have a friend circle in the creative field where I was able to have niche experiences and was able to make art out of art. Incase you want watch these beauties :

  1. Amar Photo Studio - Play - Marathi
  2. Namesake - Film - English
  3. Amaltash - Musical - Marathi
  4. Sunny - Film - Marathi

Star Wars Day


A set of Star Wars illustrations created for Star Wars Day of 2021, celebrated by Sangam India, with a small online fan convention.

Sangam Artist Fest 2020


A set of illustrations complied to introduce the guest speakers at the Sangam Art Fest of 2020. This was the work submitted as a part of my internship and also served as a great opportunity for me to work on my art style. Additional had the opportunity to for my art to reach personalities like Sarang Sathye, Ganghaar and Siddharth Menon.

Tribute to Service workers


Stamp 1
This stamp is a dedication to all the Rickshaw Drivers. More often than not, they are self employed. During the lockdowns they have no passengers to get paid from hence they're resorting to alternative means of employment, such as making deliveries and vending farm products.

Stamp 2
This stamp was to lift and celebrate the TAXI workers. one of my personas is based on the story of taxi driver who works in Srinagar, and lost all his profits due the lack of tourist in Kashmir during its peak season.

Stamp 3
The last of series, is to honour all the bus conductors and drivers. Even though they are government employees, they have had enough to suffer. Their pay comes under a certain category where they are not eligible for certain funds. I have seen a lot of Female conducters and drivers, especially since I have moved to Bangalore and through these stams I wanted to give a shout out.

Sci-fi - Girl Power


Movies and comics always have a uneven ratio of male to female heroes. When, in some rare cases, there is a female centric action movie it is highly sexualized (more often than not).
I have created a series of all female intergalactic characters who are all unique with their powers and have strong background stories . also my first digital work

PS. They work together without any backstabbing or conniving double backs.


Fevi Kwik 


A lot of people follow their own little superstitions. So I decided to go with the smallest and the simplest one of putting lemon and chili (which is a good luck charm) in the car to protect from bad omen. To contradict that the most common bad luck is a broken mirror. That’s how I came up making my final rendering.

Its a car's rear mirror, which has been cracked . The “नींबू -मिर्च” and the chanting माला is supposed to represent that the person is obviously superstitious. Fevikwik will fix the mirror and and take away even the slightest of bad luck. The tagline is- “नज़र से भी बचाए” that is- “(fevikwik) can save you from bad luck”

Wood Cut Printing


Women in society

In the story, Flowering Tree, the writer talks about how two women pit against each other because of jealousy. That’s something that happens in our society, because that’s how human nature works and the deep rooted patriarchal believes. They let envy get the better of their sisterly bond and took the poison test to prove nothing to absolutely no one, in the honour of a man and his attention.

Hence the depiction of a lady holding a ferocious and poisonous snake in her hand symbolising self sabotage and familiarity to the consequences. 

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