Entry 1

Dear Charlise,

There are some things I never confessed to you. In the short time that we knew each other there were things I could never tell you. Like I never told you how I found that tinge of purple in your pink tentacles to be very attractive. I had seen others of your kind, I never told you that you had a better glow than them. I could never tell you how I, the warrior in charge of the Manatex army, was more terrified of you, a small oink scientist than the mightiest of the overlords. I had never been more amused by how fringes and glasses are the perfect clichéd pairing until I saw them on you. 

I should have told you. Spending that time with you in the bunker, following you around and following your commands. I never told you that I loved all of it. I loved it when you shouted at me, first rejected me, kissed me. But I am glad that I will never get to tell you that I hated our first impressions of each other because that was our character development. 

I never told how I was stunned when I first saw you. 

Ironically I was the one stunning you then, with my gun. 

Love, Anastasia.

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