Entry 3

Dear Charlize,

It was so brave of you to live on the abandoned ship alone. Make your way alive till the end. I know how paranoid you can usually get. But you managed to be there for yourself, in the midst of nothingness, in constant attempt at establishing contact with your world. You lived on the mothership for two whole years by yourself. Sending signals every day. Repairing one broke element at a time. Anticipating some end, any end. Until one day….


Today was my 725th attempt at sending signals and manoeuvring the ship homewards. My investigation at searching what hit us still continues with no new string to tie down. I have not given up hope, as hope is the only thing left for me to hold on to. I learn new things every day. I learned Mathelian, shame that Goliath isn’t around to talk with me. I took it upon myself to learn some gardening too. Daniella would have been impressed. We… I was lightyears away from my home but I haven’t moved an inch since the crash, that is if you count it physically. Mentally I’m destroyed. I am a fragile package with babushka dolls made of ice chips. Today I have decided to take care of the hybrid fruits I planted. They are right beside the big glass window. The big window staring at the abyss right so that the Dahln can provide enough energy to all the plants in the serial order of their necessities. The big window staring at a ship. A SPACE SHIP. Another space ship. Did my signals final reach someone?

I ran to the control room. As fast as my tentacles would take me. 

“Mother Ship, one passenger on board. Do you read, rescue ship?

Do you read?


And the next thing I know, the guest entrance opened up. Came in a fighter jet. It had this bright orange emblem on either side. I know I have seen it before. Just can’t recall where. It flew inwards. It’s blue burning flames slowly fading out and the engine stopping in my mother ship. I stood there worries, scared, hopeful and impatient. 

The hydraulic suspensions made a gushing sound as the door opened outwards hitting an ill maintained air vent. That’s the moment the pipe broke open with a lot of gas gushing out of it. 

I stood back covering my mouth, and out they came from the fog. Three tall figures with a strict and a march. They were walking right towards me. Of course, they will, I’m alone on this ship and they aren’t crabs. I could see them clearly now. Green, with Horn like ears on the top of their heads. No hair, but big blue eyes and slender tall necks. I knew their species, they are the Frohkes.  Two of them were men, walking behind their leader, with huge transparent bags on their backs. The pipes from those bags led right in their necks. There were multiple bruises on their necks, indicating they might be changing these pipes on a regular basis. Their leader stood in the front, a lady with a long stun ray in her hand and aiming a set of hand cuffs to mine. I stared at her. The command in her posture, the composure, she was scary. Seriously, when an extra-terrestrial enters you ship, approaches you emerging from a fog with two henchmen and weapons, cuffs you and somehow has a chilling background music that only you can hear. She walked up to me, grabbed my wrist by the hand cuffs,

“Are you from Halmm?”


“Well you do look like one, with the tentacles and all. But there’s something different about you.”

“Take her in. Let’s take her… home.”
That gave me chills. I thought those were my rescuers, turns out they are my capturers. But the silver lining is that I am going back to my home… or theirs. 

The journey from the mother ship to the destination was very ominous. I was in a dark cell and I could hear the Frohkes talking among themselves. They were saying something about reporting me to the federation and having me arrested with the “rest”. The leader who was supposedly called Anta178 was hearing the two men squabble about what is to be done of me, when suddenly she lost her cool and stood,

“It’s not up to you to buffoons to decide what’s to be done with the Halmman.”

“Yes Anta178.”

“Besides she is an asset to us. We need her to be on our side. At least until we can calm down the rebels.”

“But Anta178, she is one of them.”

“Goer33, honey, I asked you to SHUT UP.”

One of them? One of whom? 

“Excuse me, one of whom?”

I regretted ever opening my mouth because soon after that, Anta178 walked over and stunned me with her gun, rendering me unconscious. The rest of the trip was a blank.

I was being dragged on a helipad, heading to a tall brown building, help by the henchmen as Anta178 walked and everyone around bowed down to her. The building seemed an awful lot like the Parliament General from Halmm, except a bit less bright and duller. We walked through large hallways to enter the Room of Final Judgement. I wasn’t sure, but most of the emblems on the pillars that were still partially standing had Halmman scriptures inscribed. I had hardly any power in me to actually lift my head higher read, or to even differentiate between reality and hallucinations. 

“Is this the Halmman that you found Anta178?”

“Yes, Great Wan1, she was a scientist on the Mother Ship Halmm sent two years ago.”

“I assumed we had all its residents… maybe not after all.”

I know where I had seen their emblem before. The day our ship was attack, not by an asteroid but by a space station carrier, I saw the emblem in the video tapes. It was them. It wasn’t mischance, it was an attack. To take us in. That’s why I know this place. It’s my home. I was not hallucinating. They were taking me home, to mine and theirs. 

“It was you, you attacked us… where are my crewmates?”

Goer33 and Kar31 pulled me by the handcuffs. my family? My friends? Are they all in captivity of these Frohkes?

“Great Wan1 I have a suggestion as to what can be done with her.”

With that I was taken to a holding room. It had but one window through which I could see the Capital City. It was nothing like I left it. It lost all its colour, all the tall glass towers were shattered. There wasn’t any natural light to begin with in Halmm because Dahln is a small star, a dim yellow glow is all that it gives us as light, and post invasion the scene has gotten darker. We never had suburbs to the Capital City, now they do. And it not even houses. It’s just pitched camps. Natives seem to be living in these settlements. The houses in the city have territorial flags outside the house, so did the tents. All the tents had the old flag of Halmm pitched outside. The bright green with red flowers, that’s our flag. All tents still had them up and proud. A few houses in the city had them too. Guess they got us and we’re a divide now. I want snap out of this nightmare. The one I have been living for the past two years, but mostly the one that started today morning. This can never again be my home. Nor can what’s have left of it.


I can’t help but be partially responsible for your agony. I fell bad about it now. You hated me then and I don’t care a rat’s ass about you. But first impressions are never ones to last forever, just like you my sweetheart. 

Love, Anastasia. 

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