Meeth does voodoo. If things don’t go her way, shell make sure that they do with the help of her little dolls. Being invisible in the crowd is just an advantage to practice her magic. When she starts her voodoo, her eyes roll back and all you see are white orbs.

Anta-178 (Anastasia)

 Anta178 a commander and leader from the new ruling federation. With Charlise, she keeps exploring their relation as foes, allies and friends. In this story set in extreme dictatorship and Anta178 being a worker of the dictating party, these two find a way to rebel and help others.

Dr. Charlise Klompan

Charlise an ex-military turned scientist, on an expedition to explore and establish communication with other planets. The voyage is going well until an unforeseen event takes place and generates havoc on the ship leading to a disappearance of all her fellow cremates. Surviving in the abandoned ship she finally finds herself a rescue after two years or isolation. Because she is of a crooked fate, she is taken as a prisoner by her rescuer only to find out that her entire planet in under their reign now.

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